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Globisens News

Introducing a new Chromebook app version of the GlobiLab, allowing more classrooms, worldwide, to work with the Globisens award-winning scientific measurement and analysis tools

The genesis for the latest app version of GlobiLab resulted from a clear gap in digital science education. Globisens realized that while the Chromebook has emerged as a unique utility for the education sector in recent years, many users were prohibited by the limited number of available apps for this platform, particularly in science education.

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Labdisc Collects Data in Near Space

Students of the NASA-funded afterschool NOVAS program in collaboration with Hi-Impact Consultancy in the UK recently launched a Labdisc with a high altitude weather balloon to the edge of space. The students’ mission was to take pictures of Earth from space. The Labdisc’s built-in sensors recorded a rich variety of in-flight data, including the upper atmosphere and enriching the students’ understanding of massive data changes in a short time-frame. 

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