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As we modernize our approach to widening learning environments and seamlessly integrating hands-on science experiences, traditional and costly school science labs are becoming obsolete.
The Labdisc mobile science cart and charging tray have made science Lab teaching more convenient, organized and versatile than ever before.

Store, charge and ready to roll – a complete class set of 16 Labdiscs and 16 tablets

Safe and charged – 8 Labdiscs ready for a full day of scientific discovery



Storing and charging a complete class set of 16 Labdiscs and 16 tablets
The Labdisc wireless science lab has made teaching more convenient, organized and accessible than ever before. Now Globisens has expanded this
concept, introducing the Mobile Science Cart – a complete laboratory on wheels!

Mobilizing STEM learning

At an unbeatable price-point, the Mobile Science Cart has mobilized a secured 21st century science lab to students anywhere in the school. Finally, messy and expensive science labs with heavy equipment are a thing of the past.

Clean and organized transportable science station

This unique storage environment encased in an aesthetic modern design contains everything needed for STEM-based hands-on science activities:

  • Storing and charging up to 16 Labdisc units and 16 tablets
  • Special storage compartments for electrodes and various accessories
  • Ruggedized steel construction
  • Supporting iPads and Android tablets
  • Single electricity entry point
  • Lockable doors to protect products
  • Central charging unit
  • Pneumatic arm for top cover



Stylish and versatile, the Charging Tray expands on the popular functionality of the Mobile Science Cart. The compact, cost effective Tray ensures 8 Labdiscs can be arranged and simultaneously charged.

Robust and efficient electronic design

An integrated, fanless switching regulator requiring only a single electricity outlet of 100-240 VAC, will charge all eight devices in less than four hours. Each charging port is protected by an over-current digital fuse – making the tray electronic design highly reliable.

Always charged, always ready

With a unique and modern design based on the Labdisc look and feel, the Charging Tray is an aesthetic add-on to any 21st century school classroom or laboratory. No more messy Lab environment and no more shortage of charging outlets. The Tray makes sure all Labdiscs are arranged and charged for their daily usage, all in a single, clean and organized compact station.

  • Storing and charging up to 8 Labdisc units
  • Central charging unit using a single power outlet
  • LED Charging and End of Charging indications
  • Compact and light weight