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Introducing a new Chromebook app version of the GlobiLab, allowing more classrooms, worldwide, to work with the Globisens award-winning scientific measurement and analysis tools

The genesis for the latest app version of GlobiLab resulted from a clear gap in digital science education. Globisens realized that while the Chromebook has emerged as a unique utility for the education sector in recent years, many users were prohibited by the limited number of available apps for this platform, particularly in science education.

“As part of our tradition of pioneering technologies, we’re offering one of the first science education apps for Chromebook,” said Dov Bruker, Globisens CEO. “We’ve adapted our proven and highly successful GlobiLab software, making hands-on science available to the millions of Chromebook users.”

GlobiLab software communicates wirelessly with Labdisc multi-sensor compact devices, allowing for full setup and control of the devices. Graphical and meter displays present data in real time, enabling students to quickly measure their world and analyze data samples. The software’s sophisticated data analysis functions help students develop skilled scientific responses by enabling users to perform derivative and regression functions as well as view comprehensive statistics. GlobiLab also merges the latest sensor, Internet and satellite technologies so that students can plot measurement data over a Google map, allowing them to map local pollution or weather conditions and compare their data with other schools – opening the door for meaningful collaboration between learners all over the world.

Following the joint Globisens and Boxlight highly successful launch of the Chromebook app version of GlobiLab at the 2016 ISTE Conference & Expo, Pat Henry commented: “Globisens had already leveraged the revolutionary design of iOS and the versatility of Android to help educators and students make the most of GlobiLab, Now that Chromebook is proving to be an increasingly popular choice for education, especially in the United States, updating the app for Chromebook laptops allows for a lot more users and flexibility. Sophisticated but easy-to-use features as well as the software’s productivity suite and research facilities, mean millions of educators and students will have no trouble making use of this light-weight cloud-based platform.”

Link to the new app: GlobiLab for Chromebook