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An orchestra of STEAM learning



Xploris, the latest offering from Globisens is an all-in-one STEAM solution combining science data logging, math, coding, control and art.

Bundled with the XploriLab software it provides a uniquely STEAM learning platform.


Data logging and analysis based on the well proven GlobiLab software, together with 5 built-in sensors: temperature, light, sound, motion and voltage. Xploris also includes two engine controls, two on/off controls and two voltage outputs to respond to data readings from sensors. Now students can take the next step and direct machines’ output according to changes in their sensors’ readings, such as adjusting greenhouse humidity or temperature according to live collected data.

Coding, the new literacy

Integrating scientific investigation with code generation, students can understand and impact the day-to-day technology that drives their world. Based on BLOCKLY/SCRATCH open source coding, XploriLab incorporates a coding editor allowing young users to apply visual programming principles via an intuitive graphical interface. This includes Data Types, Variables, Logical Operators, If-Else conditions, Loops, Input and Output Operations. In addition to the Blocks graphical interface for coding, XploriLab also supports high-level Python programming for higher learning grades. Today’s digital generation are excited to be able to control real hardware: Creating their own code, sending via Bluetooth communication or USB to the device and then see their code physically executed in reality.

Pixel Art

A newly established art form, digital pixel art has made a huge comeback in recent years. XploriLab offers students a platform for this creative and simple art form with a set of canvas colors and 16 x 16 LED grid for students to create and present their stills and animations. Xploris offers students an integrated end-to-end STEAM experience, from creating a pixel art flower animation and extending their learning, to apply coding to open the flower’s leaves when sunlight is projected on a light sensor.

Multi-disciplinary STEAM Learning

Xploris allows students to move seamlessly between science, technology, engineering and art platforms. Removing the need for schools to purchase and maintain varying and otherwise disconnected STEAM equipment, Globisens offers an orchestra of STEAM learning in one integrated, compact, and hand-held disc.