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Case Studies

Azerbaijan Case study

With an oil industry-dependent economy , Azerbaijan is looking to diversify. Focused on nurturing the next generation of STEM-based professions, the Ministry of Education has decided to introduce the Labdisc hands-on solution into their theory based science syllabus.

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Labdisc Collects Data in Near Space

Students of the NASA-funded afterschool NOVAS program in collaboration with Hi-Impact Consultancy in the UK recently launched a Labdisc with a high altitude weather balloon to the edge of space. The students’ mission was to take pictures of Earth from space. The Labdisc’s built-in sensors recorded a rich variety of in-flight data, including the upper atmosphere and enriching the students’ understanding of massive data changes in a short time-frame. 

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Plan Ceibal Explores Science with the Labdisc

As part of the prestigious Plan Ceibal, the project leaders also looked to improve science education from elementary school right through to University. Here a solution was required that could offer more sophisticated science functionality, while still be intuitive and robust enough for very young science students.

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