Back To School: Globisens Teacher Training Tools

Today given the massive number of requests for Labdisc training from all over the world, Globisens has developed and fine-tuned two proven training courses both based on a step-by-step, hands-on workshop format.

The Globisens course, developed by Jenny Spector, with a detailed Power-Point presentation, is available in both English and Spanish for free download here. The presentation guides the teachers through the operation of the Labdisc, sensors and the Globilab software. It includes “cool” media clips for different science subjects and concludes with the teachers performing three activities in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Equally, Globisens strongly encourages face-to-face hands-on workshops, such as the one developed and delivered by Sharon Holton. The course not only covers practical use of the Labdisc solution, but emphasizes the benefits of the Labdisc as a modern STEM teaching tool in school science.  This training course can serve as both teacher training and sales training for our distributors’ sales teams.

We spoke to our two key trainers to hear their insights on the two Globisens training models.

Sharon Holton, has been working with leading technology innovators for over 30 years. Her time with large companies such as IBM and APPLE taught her the value of innovation and practical application. As a member of Promethean’s Global Leadership Team she helped transform the role technology plays in education. As the Head of Labdisc Certified Training for Boxlight, she helps educators effectively implement and integrate new technologies such as mobile science labs and interactive flat panels.

“People learn better when they’re involved. I believe Benjamin Franklin, the inventor who discovered electricity, had it right when he said, “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I may remember. Involve me and I learn.” Researchers have found learning retention increases exponentially when students are actively engaged in learning via hands on application in real world settings. Practice by doing achieves 75% knowledge retention. Whereas listening to a lecture produces only 5% knowledge retention.”

Jenny Spector’s work at Tel Aviv University and the National Center for Elementary Schools’ Science Teachers, as well as many years of experience as a science teacher and pedagogic developer has allowed her a unique insight into what educators’ most value in a training program. She has developed a highly successful training modeling system for Globisens which has been implemented worldwide. Teachers experiment with the Labdisc in the role of students. The experience of following a series of step-by-step science experiments gives confidence in: How to use the technology, manage Labdisc experiments in the classroom setting and leverage the Labdisc in better explaining the pedagogic content.

“You can always recognize a good teacher as the one with the exact plan of what to teach (content) and how to teach it in the existing terms (pedagogy). For that reason most teachers will feel uncomfortable if required on short notice to introduce a new technology into their class. It takes a lot of effort to adjust his/her educational method and program, especially where more innovative and unfamiliar technologies are involved. To succeed in this process teachers have to feel in full control of the new technology, understand how the new technology serves the content and be able to manage a class of active students using the technology. Good training gives teachers confidence across these three areas and furthermore, creates real enthusiasm, increasing teachers’ motivation to invest the necessary time and effort in the changes ahead.  Teachers soon discover that working with the Labdisc is quite simple, absorbing the basic functionality in a very short time. Excitement then follows, as they understand that working with Labdisc will increase students’ enthusiasm for science and their motivation to learn.”
Jenny’s methodical and engaging approach incorporates social media in an ongoing support platform. Feedback shows teachers are positively surprised at how versatile the Labdisc is, and how the device will enable them to perform practical work that has been previously impossible due to lack of resources whether laboratory room, scientific equipment, materials or time.
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