The Labdisc Hits Asia

This summer the Labdisc was launched across Asia, meeting with rave reviews and press interest from capital to capital throughout the continent.

Mr. Dovi Bruker met the new Asian distributors and local educators for the first time in a whirl-wind tour of the area. His very tight schedule was packed with workshops, as well as television and press interviews.

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The Labdisc was described as a compact, fast-activating data logger that can replace bulky science lab equipment for hands-on experimenting in school and on field trips.

Mr. Broker told us: “Asia is a very exciting and fast evolving education market where science is highly valued. Teachers appreciated the pedagogic benefits of the Labdisc and I was impressed by how many innovative ideas they had about applying the Labdisc in physics, biology, chemistry, geography and environmental science.

Globisens has really brought something new to Asia. The Labdisc ideally matches the push in education across Asia at the moment for creative approaches to hands-on science”.