It’s All About the Teachers!

Following successful elementary school teacher training in Russia and high school teachers in Mexico, Globisens held workshops in Israel this month where middle to high school teachers explored key science concepts with the Labdisc data logger.

Educator training and feedback is a cornerstone of Globisens product development. The company was founded on the principle that “It’s time for something new!” because despite the proven benefits, teachers had moved away from inquiry-based science.

When each lesson is only 45 minutes, teachers can’t be expected to test, calibrate, setup and clear away 90+ products per lab session, while still reaching curriculum benchmarks every lesson.

Mr. Bruker, Globisens CEO told us “With our every interaction with educators at trade shows, workshops and training we hear the same message…

Teachers want science tools that offer simplicity, integration and time savings and they feel they’ve found this with the Labdisc. Teachers can’t wait to apply this simple, yet powerful learning tool in hands-on, inquiry-based experimentation.