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Labdisc Enviro & iPad Used in GAIA Bilateral Collaborative Research Program

The Labdisc Enviro with the iPad connects students in the American International School in Israel and the Czech Republic.

8th to 12th graders participating in the GAIA (Global Awareness Investigation and Action) project measure the impact of bird box environmental conditions on breeding.

Students record and analyze the weather conditions of Falcon, Kestrel, Barn Owl and Great Tit bird boxes. Light, humidity, internal and external temperature are monitored and integrated with Google maps to indicate the most successful location and position for nesting.

The project hopes to demonstrate to local farmers the 24/7 pest control alternative provided by these bird species who eat rodents and reduce the need to spray crops.

The Labdisc provides a portable research platform for schools in Israel and Prague performing the same research at different latitudes each day.

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